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American Airlines’ chief commercial officer has a surprising departure

May 28, 2024

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Vasu Raja

American Airlines’ chief commercial officer has a surprising departure

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Vasu Raja, American Airlines’ chief commercial officer, will leave the company in June, the airline said Tuesday.

News of Raja’s departure comes a week after the airline denied he had any intention of leaving the company, amid rumors that he was not present at the airline’s offices and had been dismissed by the board. dismissed because of dissatisfaction with American’s revenue strategy.

In a statement sent to Aeronautical observer news last week, an American Airlines spokesman said Raja had been working remotely “for several weeks to resolve some personal issues” but “did not leave.”

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The airline did not specify the reason for Raja’s departure or what had changed since last week. It is unclear whether the departure was decided last week or otherwise.

This is an evolving story. Check back for more.

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