Anycolor announces Nijisanji Vtuber’s NBA project

Anycolor announced that 30 Nijisanji Vtubers from Japan and UK branches will participate in the NBA collaboration event with merchandise. Firstly official reveal will arrive on May 29, 2024 and Rakuten there was a website confirming this was about special illustrations pairing performers with teams.

Aside from Anycolor and Rakuten confirming that this involves merchandise, there aren’t too many details about the project yet. Inui Toko, Kuzuha, Petra Gurin, Sonny Brisko and Shu Yamino will hold their first announcement at 5pm PT/8pm ET on May 29, 2024. First Broadcast that will reveal the first three matchups against NBA teams. It may also provide a first look at some illustrations for new Nijisanji merchandise.

We also know all 30 Vtubers will participate. There were only seven people from the Japan branch. Here’s who we can expect to see on NBA event merchandise:

  • Alban Knox
  • Claude Clawmark
  • Doppio Scythe
  • Elira Pendora
  • Enna Alouette
  • Finana Ryugu
  • Fulgar Ovid
  • Fuwa Minato
  • Ike Eveland
  • Inui Toko
  • Kagami Hayato
  • Kanae
  • Kotoka Torahime
  • Kuzuha
  • Luca Kaneshiro
  • Maria Marionette
  • Millie Parfait
  • Nagao Kei
  • Petra Gurin
  • Reimu Endou
  • Ren Zotto
  • Sasaki Saku
  • Sonny Brisko
  • Letter Yamino
  • Uki Violeta
  • Vantacrow Bearer
  • Vermillion
  • Vezalius tape
  • Vox Akuma
  • Yu Q. Wilson

Note that although Alban Knox will be interrupted in June 2024, he was recorded as part of the event. In addition, consider Opinion by Victoria Brightshield Following the announcement, it appears that Anycolor did not notify other talents unrelated to this announcement.

The first announcement on which NBA team Nijisanji Vtubers will represent will be held at 5pm PT/8pm ET on May 29, 2024.

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