Apple faces pressure to deliver AI at its developer conference

Apple is expected to demonstrate next week that it is not being left behind as the world’s tech rivals are leading the way in artificial intelligence.

According to analysts, AI and possibly even a partnership with OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, will likely be the driving themes at Monday’s opening session of Apple’s annual WWDC developers conference. in Silicon Valley.

The conference is an annual gathering for developers who create apps and software for Apple’s ecosystem, and CEO Tim Cook will be working hard to convince them that the company is a significant AI company. as rivals Microsoft and Google roll out innovations in rapid succession.

Although Apple has been quietly bringing AI features to iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers for years, it has yet to solidify its overall strategy or embrace the innovative ChatGPT-style AI that has taken the world by storm. world by the end of 2022.

Apple’s stock price has skyrocketed since the rise of the AI ​​revolution, but the company’s Wall Street believers see next week’s announcements as the start of a new chapter for the iPhone maker.

“WWDC represents the most important event for Apple in more than a decade because of the pressure to bring a broad range of general AI technologies to developers and developers,” Wedbush Equities senior analyst Daniel Ives told AFP. Consumers are the focus.”

According to Ives, the focus of the announcements will almost certainly be an update to Apple’s iPhone operating system, which is expected to have AI play a central role.

He also predicted a “flagship” OpenAI partnership involving a proprietary chatbot, which could be part of an upgrade to the much-derided virtual assistant Siri.

Since Apple makes most of its money from selling iPhones and other hardware, AI integration will likely focus on making its devices and services work more seamlessly, said Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi. together.

“Ultimately, Apple’s goal is to convince people to upgrade their iPhone,” Milanesi said.

“We’ll see if Apple gives them a compelling reason to do that.”

– ‘Test’ –

According to Techsponential analyst Avi Greengart, Apple’s rival Microsoft has “taken a beating” by bringing general AI features to Windows computers to challenge MacBook laptops.

“The timing is critical for Apple,” said Emarketer senior analyst Gadjo Sevilla.

The announcements at WWDC will be a “litmus test” for Apple’s ability to integrate ChatGPT-like AI into all of its devices and services, he said.

“Any mistake by Apple at this point could cost it its technological leadership, especially as it is currently sandwiched between two AI giants with real products and roadmaps. releases should go well over the next two years.”

Earlier this year, Apple lost its position as the world’s largest company by market capitalization to Microsoft, and AI chip leader Nvidia quickly caught up.

CEO Cook and his team have shown their intention to tackle the AI ​​challenge by including more powerful and AI-ready chips in recent iPad and MacBook versions.

However, according to analysts, the big challenge for Apple is how to incorporate this technology into its products without weakening user privacy and security.

ChatGPT-style AI gobbles up data, and Apple will have a tough time fighting the AI ​​race while maintaining its traditional stance on data privacy protection.

“Over-policing the AI ​​ecosystem could cause Apple to lose ground or fall behind while other companies are moving fast and disrupting things,” Sevilla said.

As it moves forward, Apple has no choice but to join the race.

Market tracking firm Canalys forecasts that 16% of smartphones shipped globally this year will be AI-enabled, with that share rising to 54% by 2028.

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