Biden campaign calls bullshit on Team Trump’s excuse for that “United Empire” video

Twelve hours later Donald TrumpTruth Social’s account shared a video suggesting that the former president would rule over “a unified empire,” the former president’s spokesperson said. emphasize that the Hitler-encoded footage “was not a campaign video,” that “it was created by a random online account and reposted by an apparently unseen employee,” and that “the president was in court” when this all went down. But the Biden campaign—among others!—doesn’t support that.

Note that Trump himself has speak that only he and one of his top advisers had access to his account, Biden campaign spokesman singer James said in a statement, “Donald Trump posting a ‘United Empire’ video is part of a pattern of praising dictators and repeating anti-Semitic rhetoric. He is a threat to our democracy and Americans must reject him and stand up for our democracy this November.” Singer also noted multiple instances where the former president said or did things that led people to believe he was perfectly fine with a video that positively referred to a “unified empire,” including but not limited to Trump points:

Singer also told Politico that Americans should “stop scrolling and pay attention,” warning them about Trump’s “radical vision of chaos, division and violence.” In response, Trump spokesman Karoline Levitt claimed that Biden is “a true extremist” and “has turned his back on Israel and the Jewish people by bowing to anti-extremists and terrorist sympathizers in his party me”. She failed to mention that it was Trump, not Biden, who:

Just something to consider!

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