Blueface’s Parents Share Hot Words

Footage of Blueface’s mother has emerged, Karlissa Saffold Harveyand his father, Johnathan PorterEngage in a lively exchange later Chrisean stonerecent arrest.

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Blueface’s parents became involved in the incident after Chrisean Rock was arrested

EQUAL Shade room Previously reported, Chrisean Rock was arrested after arriving at the West Van Nuys Courthouse in Los Angeles, California, on Monday, June 10. The mother of one was at the venue to support Blueface, the father of her son Chrisean Jr.

Blueface has been in custody since January after allegedly violating the terms of his probation. Shade room.

Based on TMZ, Rock was greeted by five LAPD officers as she entered the courthouse. Officers reportedly searched the rapper and then escorted her out of the building in handcuffs. The newspaper noted that authorities reportedly arrested Chrisean Jr. into private detention.

Ice cream group reports that after Rock’s arrest, footage surfaced on social media of Blueface’s parents having a heated argument. The pair are said to be at odds over who will watch Chrisean Jr.’s fight.

A video of their heated words was shared by a user above Xformerly known as Twitter, @baddietvv. In the clip, Porter can be heard telling Harvey that he’s not human “f*****g the babysitter.”

In response, Harvey asked Porter, “So what are you doing here?”

“You’re all trying to talk about this baby, and it’s about Johnathan [Blueface] today,” Porter shot back.

Check out the clip below.

Johnathan Porter Share an update about Chrisean Jr. When social media plays an important role

On Monday night, Johnathan Porter arrived at his place. Instagram Stories with an update on Chrisean Jr. and his thoughts on the events circulating at court.

“Today I walked into the courthouse and all my opponents were waiting for me at the door,” he wrote. “Must present identification documents to gain custody of Jr. Per Chrisean, he was in a great relationship with his godmother Marsh and I got her back….”

Before concluding his message, Porter wrote, “Blueface is free… Chrisean is free.”

Meanwhile, Instagram users jumped into the comments section on Porter’s latest post parcel on the platform. Many people are sharing disappointed reactions to his behavior in the viral clip of him and Harvey.


While Instagram user @slimnevashady added: “After what you said in court, I hope Rock never lets you be around her son… karlissa was right about you… I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH YOU AND AWESOME”

Instagram user @anz.90 wrote, “You don’t know how to leave that baby with a stranger and then talk about how you’re not ‘playing grandpa’ but you’ve been ‘playing grandpa’ on social media all this time but not when That counts, right? Karlissa was 100% right about you.”

Based on HipHopDXKarlissa Saffold Harvey has accused Porter of only building a relationship with Chrisean and Chrisean Jr.

This is why Chrisean Rock was arrested

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, Rock was taken into custody on a felony fugitive arrest warrant. The “fugitive arrest” is said to stem from a case originating in Oklahoma. Rock was reportedly charged with “possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a controlled dangerous substance” in the state in 2022.

TMZ adding that Rock’s recent arrest was also prompted by an “assault with a deadly weapon.” However, it is unclear where that fee originates from.

Daily mail reports that Rock is being held without bail, while TMZ adding that the mother of one could be extradited to Oklahoma.

At this time, details about Blueface’s recent trial remain scarce. However, Daily mail confirmed that the rapper will be released from prison on July 2.

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