Box Art Brawl – Duel: Super Monkey Ball Adventure

Be sure to cast your vote in the poll below; But first, let’s take a look at the box art designs.

North America

Super Monkey Ball Adventure - NA
Image: SEGA

The North American cover art keeps things firmly in classic Monkey Ball territory. Familiar faces roll around in their blurry bubbles while all sorts of mayhem occurs in the background. It’s not heavy on the ‘Adventure’ theme – you wouldn’t know that this one is any different from the previous ones – but its bright colors are certainly eye-catching enough.


Super Monkey Ball Adventure - EU
Image: SEGA

Okay, now this is leaning a bit more towards an ‘Adventure’ feel. The overall design is much darker, with slightly different colors compared to the variant above. But perhaps most importantly, where are the balls? We still see AiAi and his friends, but will they… take a walk? What kind of madness is this? If you want to know what makes Super Monkey Ball Adventure Unlike previous games, this cover puts it front and center.

Thanks for voting! See you next time for another round of Box Art Brawl.

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