Brand ‘Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body’

Crockett jasmine is in the process of trademarking her viral comment against Marjorie Taylor Greene in a fiery House exchange.

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More details about Jasmine Crockett’s Brand Plan

Based on United States today, Crockett filed a trademark application for rights to the phrase “Beach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body” on Sunday, May 19. The newspaper added that on Friday, May 17, Crockett arrived X, formerly known as Twitter, to seemingly tease her plans for the viral phrase.

On Friday, Crockett explained that she plans to launch a “Crockett Clapback Collection.”

“This collection will have various interesting content including random things I said,” she tweeted. “This money will go to making sure we have a Democratic House! Give me a little time to really get traction online etc, but B6 will drop first. If you have things you’d like to see come to life, let me know. Post images or just phrases you want to see.”

Additionally, Crockett ended his tweet with the hashtag, “#bleachblondbadbuildbutchbody” and a photo of upcoming merchandise for the viral phrase.

Based on United States today, Crockett’s trademark filing shows she plans to use the phrase for “apparel, including hats, hoodies, socks and T-shirts, as well as political consulting.”

Reaction on social networks

Social media users react to Crockett’s recent profile in Dark Room commentary.

Instagram user @lifeluxejay wrote,If she puts it on a shirt and wears it at one of those hearings in front of that woman, I will scream 🤣😭”

While Instagram user @quannisking added, If you do six words without using Bword, nothing can compare.”

Instagram user @theehumbled_trapher wrote,JUNETEENTH is coming to us DEFINITELY GET MY SHIRT! 🙌”

While Instagram user @joellelyrics added:It happened so naturally 😂😂😂 I love her 😂😂😂😂😂”

Instagram user @lawyerbaeesq wrote, This is how you stand strong in business. I always push my clients to trademark their brands!!!”

While Instagram user @sugoichan added:GIVE US THE SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!”

Instagram user @ci_sassy wrote, This is the phrase of summer 😂😂😂”

While Instagram user @me8ighty added, ‘When they go low… we go low too’ Eric Mays’ spirit is alive and well 🤣🤣🤣”

Instagram user @aldrenmccullar wrote,Her goods are almost sold out!! She has my money!! Laugh out loud 💪🏽‼️”

Brief summary of House Representatives’ viral exchange

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, the House Oversight Committee convened a meeting for Thursday, May 16. During the ordeal, Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to Crockett’s question by saying, “I think fur Your false eyelashes are messing up what you’re reading.”

From there, Greene was summoned by representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her “attack” on Crockett’s appearance. Additionally, Ocasio-Cortez demanded that Greene apologize for her insult.

Greene ultimately denied the request and it was reported that her words “did not violate House rules against the use of ‘personality’ in debate.”

However, that didn’t stop Crockett from defending himself.

“I’m just curious, just to better understand your ruling,” Crockett told the room. “If someone on this committee started talking about someone’s ugly, blonde butch body, it wouldn’t have anything to do with character, right?”

The challenge then spread on social networks.

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, on Friday, May 17, Crockett spoke privately with CNN. At the time, she explained that she believed Greene’s comments toward her were racist.

“That’s it, it’s racism. And she decided that she would become that person publicly yesterday. The difference is I don’t plan on lying down,” Crockett explains. “She is a racist. I mean, I don’t have any questions about that.”

On Friday, Greene also doubled down on her words about Crockett and additional comments about Ocasio-Cortez.

“…AOC is not smart. Jasmine Crockett has false eyelashes. This is not an attack on character. These are just facts,” Greene wrote in part on X.

Meanwhile, as Crockett prepares to launch “Beach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body,” Greene returned to X earlier this week to defend her figure.

Yes, my body is strong and healthy… NOT through nipples, pacifiers, plastic or silicone but through a healthy lifestyle. Soon to be 50 years old, God willing, I will continue to lift, run, swim, play sports, surf, ski, climb and LIVE this life to the fullest and enjoy every moment! she writes.

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