Build-A-Bear’s New Pokémon Is Fuecoco

Build a bear
Image: Build-A-Bear

The Build-A-Bear line of stuffed Pokémon continues to expand and following the appearance of Pokémon such as Sprigatito from Crimson and Purple The game, Paldea Fire-Type Fuecoco has now been confirmed.

This new stuffed animal is now available in an online bundle that includes a sound device, shirt and pajamas for 69.00 USD. You will also have the option to get this Pokémon alone with just 34.00 USDalong with additional clothing and accessories also available.

Here’s more information about the latest addition to the Pokémon Build-A-Bear line, taken directly from the official website:

“Warm up your Pokémon team with Fuecoco! Pokémon trainers can stir up the fun with this adorable stuffed Pokémon. This plump Pokémon loves to lay on warm rocks and soak up the heat from the sun. Bring this cozy stuffed Pokémon home with the included shirt, pajamas, and 5-in-1 sound chip.”

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