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Capital One Spark Cash Plus card review

Overview of the Capital One Spark Cash Plus card

With an annual fee of $150, Capital One Spark Cash Plus (see exchange rates and fees) card offers 2% cash back on all purchases, with no limit to the number of cash back rewards you earn. In essence, the more you spend, the more you make, whether you’re buying office supplies or business dinners. Card Rating*: ⭐⭐⭐

* Card review based on the opinions of the TPG editorial board and not influenced by the card issuer.

The Spark Cash Plus is an improved version of the discontinued Spark Cash for Business, although it has a higher $150 annual fee (see exchange rates and fees). To compensate, Spark Cash Plus has a much higher sign-up bonus and the opportunity to get your annual fee refunded.

Spark Cash Plus is a slightly different card than a traditional credit card in that you have to pay the balance in full every month. The main difference is that there are no preset spending limits, so this is a good thing for business owners with many expenses that need to exceed their credit limit.

TPG recommends a good credit score of 740 or higher, but you may be approved with a lower score.

Let’s dive into whether this card is for you.

Pros and cons of Spark Cash Plus

Advantage Defect
  • Spark Cash Plus features unlimited 2% cashback on every purchase
  • This card offers a solid welcome bonus
  • Hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel are eligible for 5% cash back
  • The card has an annual fee of $150
  • The amount of expenditure required to waive the annual fee is very high
  • The card balance must be paid in full every month

Spark Cash Plus welcome offer

The Spark Cash Plus comes with a sign-up bonus of $1,200 after you spend $30,000 in the first three months of card membership.


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Benefits of Spark Cash Plus

Spark Cash Plus is a card with no preset spending limits, so it’s flexible and can adapt to your needs based on your spending behavior, payment history, and credit history. Another aspect to note about payment cards is that there is no annual percentage rate because Balance due in full monthly (see exchange rates and fees).

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If your business has a lot of operating expenses, Spark Cash Plus will reward you with a $150 annual fee rebate each year when you spend $150,000 or more. Still, that’s a lot of money to spend just for the sake of $150.

As with all Capital One credit cards, you’ll enjoy There are no foreign transaction fees when you make a purchase abroad (see exchange rates and fees).

Finally, you can request an employee card at no additional cost (see exchange rates and fees) will be transferred to your account as the primary cardholder.

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Earn cashback on Spark Cash Plus

The biggest selling point of Capital One Spark Cash Plus is its fixed earning rate. You’ll get unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase, everywhere — no limits or category restrictions.


Depending on the type of person using your card, you may view this as a positive or a negative. But this is definitely a positive for those who want to maximize their business expenses without having to worry whether the purchase falls under the bonus category or not, as seen with many other products . business credit card.

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Which cards compete with Spark Cash Plus?

Here are some cards competing with this unique Capital One offer:

  • If you like Chase: The Ink Business Cash® Credit Card no annual fee but still a great sign-up bonus of up to $750: a refundable $350 bonus after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first three months, and an additional $400 upon you spend $6,000 on purchases in the first six months of opening your account. You’ll get 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spent on combined purchases on each account anniversary at office supply stores and on internet, cable and phone services. For more information, read our Full review of Ink Business Cash.
  • If you don’t want to pay the annual fee: Along with Ink Business Cash, there is also American Express Blue Business Cash™ Cardannual fee waiver card (see exchange rates and fees) offers the same 2% rewards rate on up to the first $50,000 in purchases per calendar year, after which 1% of cash back earned is automatically credited to your statement. This card is a strong contender if your business is small and doesn’t spend enough to justify the $150 annual fee for the Capital One Spark Plus. For more information, read our Full review of Blue Business Cash.
  • If you want to earn a transferable currency: The Capital One Venture X Business no pre-set spending limits, comes with lounge access, a $300 annual travel credit and plenty of travel protections and insurance for an annual fee of $395 la (see exchange rates and fees). It earns 2 miles per dollar on all purchases, 5 miles per dollar on flights booked through Capital One Travel and 10 miles per dollar on hotels and rentals booked through Capital One Travel.

For more options, see our full list of best business card.

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Is Spark Cash Plus worth it?

One of the most flexible types of bonuses is cash. And few business cards have as much to offer in this regard as Spark Cash Plus. However, while a 2% cash back rate is solid, there are more valuable business credit cards if you want to maximize your earnings and continually build your rewards arsenal — whether whether it’s cash, points or miles.

Whether Spark Cash Plus is worth it depends on several factors, including the type of rewards you want to earn and your monthly business expenses.

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Bottom line

With a simplified 2% earnings rate on all purchases, Spark Cash Plus is a great candidate if you’re a business owner looking for easy profits. However, if you want to get into the frequent flyer rewards game then yes other business cards that might be more appropriate.

Register here: Capital One Spark Cash Plus

For Amex Blue Business Cash rates and fees, click This.

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