Celina Powell sent a message about Clay Gravesande to AD

Celina Powell shared a few words about Clay grave with his ex-fiancée, Amber Desiree also known as AD.

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Celina Powell sends Amber Desiree a text about Clay Gravesande

On Thursday, May 16, Powell took to his Instagram Story to send a brief message to AD. Powell retweeted one image by AD from her Instagram account with a few words about Gravesande.

“God definitely saved me, he is the problem” she wrote, adding a gray heart emoji.

Check out the screenshot of her Instagram Story post below.

At this time, AD has not publicly responded to Powell’s message.

The message comes as Clay Gravesande appears to be changing his opinion of Powell

Gravesande has not yet responded to Powell’s message to AD. However, he seemed to make it clear that whatever he and Powell shared was over.

Earlier on Thursday, he took to his Instagram Story to share one clip from viruses”Why are you lying?” music video. In the video, a man continuously sings:

“Why did you lie? Why do you always lie? Mmm, oh God, stop lying.”

Furthermore, Gravesande captioned the video with: “POV: when she said you were her man.”

This is what happened between Celina Powell and Clay Gravesande

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, on Monday, Powell took to Instagram to share a videotapes with the fans. In the clip, she appears lying next to Gravesande as he kisses her on the cheek.

In a now-deleted post about her Instagram Stories, Powell shared a photo of herself lying on Gravesande as he held her in his arms. She captioned the photo: “so much luckier since i met you…”

In subsequent posts on her Stories, Powell shared a brief message for fans asking them to “let” her “be happy.”

Then, on Tuesday, Powell took to TikTok to share more videos with the former ‘Love Is Blind Contestant’. In one video, she playfully urged Gravesande to put a ring on her finger and give her a child. Meanwhile, in the second part, the pair appeared to playfully address criticism of their apparent romance.

Swipe below to watch the clips.

By Wednesday, however, Gravesande’s apparent interest in Powell caught the attention of his mother, Margarita. In response, Margarita shared a strong message that subtly expressed her disapproval of her son’s new boos and recent choices. Shade Room.

Clay appeared to heed his mother’s advice and even shared a public apology to her not long after.

“I heard you… I’m sorry,” he wrote back.

However, Margarita’s words did not go well with Celina Powell.

Learn more about the viral challenge below.

RELATED: Oh! Celina Powell & Clay Gravesande react after his mother shared a powerful message following their recent videos

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