ChatGPT deploys the “App Connect” feature integrating Google Drive – Details

This week, OpenAI revealed several new features for ChatGPT along with introducing the new GPT-4o model during the “Spring Update” livestream. However, a new feature of ChatGPT has appeared on the internet called “App Connect” where the chatbot is providing Google Drive and One Drive integration. Although this feature has not been officially announced yet, it has already started rolling out to some users. Know what that feature is.

ChatGPT is providing Google Drive integration

Follow an X parcel by Kristi Hines OpenAI is rolling out a new feature for ChatGPT business users with the “App Connect” option. Applications include Google Drive and Microsoft’s One Drive integration. This feature was also spotted earlier, which is expected to allow users to access files from the cloud in ChatGPT. While the functionality of the integration is as speculated, it is unclear who will have access to the options as OpenAI has not made any official confirmation.

With the integration of the cloud service, ChatGPT will be able to analyze Google documents, spreadsheets, slides, and other file types to provide users with insights and summaries. Users can simply select documents from Drive and ask questions related to them, for example users can prompt ChatGPT for action points from Slides. Previously, users had to use the Copy and Paste function to prompt ChatGPT. Now they can directly select files from Drive.

Currently, it has not been revealed who can access this feature because there has been no official announcement from OpenAI, Google or Microsoft. It is also speculated that the integration will be limited to Business or Enterprise users only. However, no plans have been shared by officials yet. Therefore, we will have to wait and see if the “App Connect” option is rolled out to more users and which users can take advantage of the integration. Furthermore, this feature looks quite promising and accessible as it eliminates the hassle of copying and pasting content from different files, which then prompts ChatGPT.

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