China restricts the export of some aviation and aerospace equipment

SHANGHAI, CHINA – DECEMBER 9: Captain Zhao Hongbing waves the Chinese national flag after China Eastern Airlines’ first C919 large passenger plane landed at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport on December 9. December 2022 in Shanghai, China. The first C919, China’s first domestically developed narrow-body airliner, was delivered to China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai on Friday morning and is expected to enter commercial service early. 2023. (Photo by Yin Liqin/China News Service) /VCG via Getty Images)

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China said Thursday it would export restrictions of certain aviation and aerospace components and technologies starting July 1, citing the need to “protect national security.”

A Commerce Department spokesman said in a statement that the new regulations are intended to better protect national security and fulfill international obligations such as nuclear non-proliferation. The announcement was jointly published with the General Department of Customs as well as the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission.

Exports of items including equipment, software and technology related to aerospace structural components, engine manufacturing and gas turbine manufacturing will require an export license.

“Implementing export controls on specific molds, special fiber materials and other related items is an international practice,” the spokesperson said, adding that the regulations The new regulations are not aimed at any specific country or region.

The statement said Beijing opposes any country or region using controlled items from China to engage in activities that undermine China’s national sovereignty, security and development. .

China and the US have both previously announced export restrictions, including those related to technology, equipment and materials critical to national security.

Chinese Ministry of Commerce on May 20 announced sanctions against Boeing and two other defense companies to sell weapons to Taiwan, according to an Associated Press report.

Clarification: The story has been updated to reflect that China’s commerce ministry announced sanctions on Boeing and two other defense companies on May 20.

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