Chloe Bailey has revealed she has broken her vegan diet after 11 years

Chloe Bailey recently revealed that she ended her vegan diet after 11 years.

The 25-year-old man shares life updates on social media.

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It seems Chloe can’t resist the delicious meat classic after more than a decade of following a strict plant-based diet. For the past 11 years, Ms Bailey has proudly adopted a vegan lifestyle, but it seems the bird has started calling her name.

She recorded herself, saying, “I’m about to spill some tea. You want to know my confession.” The singer sighed and said: “I confess that I recently ate chicken.”

The ‘Forgive Me’ singer said: “Yeah you know, the first time I ate this, my stomach probably cramped a little. After that I’m fine.” In addition, she also revealed the body she has has become “firmer” since she started eating a dirty little bird.

Social media reacts to Chloe Bailey’s revelation

Roomies in a report by The Shade Room have reacted to Chloe falling off the vegan wagon.

@ooheywhit said, “It’s hard to beat 6 FLATS sections with the farm…”

Some commenters praised Chloe for her dedication of more than 10 years.

@michaelbeenee wrote, “Eleven years is a pretty good run. I will be folded.”

@rvlixkkai quipped“Since we confessed…I ended my diet in 10 minutes.”

Another roommate left a lengthy comment explaining that some vegetarians may need meat to stay healthy.

@_giovanniv said, “It’s okay to eat meat! I encourage you all to shop at local farmers markets for better produce and meat! Also, as a licensed certified personal trainer, please know that some people really need to incorporate meat or certain things into their diet. He continued, “Not everyone intends to be vegan, vegetarian or not eat meat at all. It has also been proven that there are some vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, etc. who experience slightly more health problems due to lack of other nutrients.

You may recall that last year, she told her followers that she accidentally ate meat after a restaurant mix-up. At that time, Yahoo! News reported that she ate a beef burger and thought it was plant-based like she ordered.
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