Chloë Sevigny and Josh Lucas on Career Struggles, Method Acting and Making ‘American Psycho’

Lucas: In my mind, you have a very punk rock image, but in reality you describe yourself as goofy, goofy, and warm. But do you still maintain a kind of restraint? It’s not about aloofness or coldness, it’s about your relationship with the world and especially in fashion.

What I have observed over the years is that the idea of ​​being a “bad boy” in any way is no longer acceptable. I think back to the moment I was in a relationship with a very famous woman, and I turned off the cameras, and my lawyer called me and said, “You can’t do this, man.” .” I said, “What do you mean?” And they said, “This is unacceptable in this day and age. The system is changing.” I think that’s right. I don’t know, the edgy behavior that used to be part of the nature of being an actor, an artist, for some people – it’s been flatly rejected. And in some ways, I will say, I miss that.

Sevigny: I completely miss that. Think about Angelina Jolie and how she behaves on the red carpet. It’s very dynamic and now I think people would be very scared to behave like that.

Lucas: Absolute.

Sevigny: You can bring it back, Josh.

Lucas: I have worked with Sean [Penn] before that, and they literally told me, “You can’t be Sean Penn.” I said: “Why? He’s great.” But Sean Penn probably wouldn’t be allowed to be Sean Penn today.

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Sevigny: Did you go to acting school?

Lucas: I didn’t. I really want to go to Juilliard. I didn’t have any money, and so the idea of ​​going to a school that didn’t allow you to work wasn’t realistic for me. I was born in Arkansas, but I moved from Washington State, where I went to high school, a small fishing village, and I came to New York wanting to become a stage actor and really prove myself. And what I quickly realized is that all of those Juilliard teachers, they teach privately, and they have acting classes, movement classes, and voice classes. That’s what I did for many years. It was an incredible time in New York City, where you had to pound the pavement. You’re going to literally every commercial, voiceover audition. You are trying your best to make a living. And I’ve worked all kinds of weird jobs, but I also make that choice every night between, “Am I going to have a beer tonight or get rice and beans?”

I have got it J. Smith-CameronHer apartment is west of 4th and 6th streets, above the basketball court there. She left, I took it over and at the time it was crazy expensive for me, $1,100 for 300 square feet. I lived in that apartment for almost 15 years. Even when I started to become successful, it was still my hometown.

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