Chris Brown threw his jacket into the crowd and caused a fight with fans (Video)

Chris Brown has left his fans writhing and flexing their muscles after a recent incident during his ’11:11′ tour.

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This is why Chris Brown’s fans are so passionate

On Friday, June 14, Shade room captured footage from a recent stop on Brown’s tour. In the footage, a group of about five women are seen holding onto an item and swaying back and forth.

In the background, Brown appears to be starting to perform his song, ‘She Ain’t You.’

Meanwhile, as the camera continues to focus on the group of women, each can be seen holding a jacket. It is known that that item was thrown into the crowd by Breezy himself.

Check out the clip below.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, June 13, another viewer who appeared to have a front-row view of the accident uploaded additional footage of the altercation YouTube. The user, whose username is No Chill Nala, marked the video’s location as the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

Additionally, they explain that Breezy “threw his jacket at the fans and they went crazy!”

“This happened right after he performed ‘Freak,’ right before ‘She Ain’t You,'” the user added. “…it’s crazy to see people fighting/fighting/playing tug of war because of their favorite artist’s outfit but it’s definitely not unheard of!!! SOOOO many people do this at concerts LOL”

In addition, this Youtuber also shared that “In the end, everyone was fine.”

Check out the additional footage below.

Reaction on social networks

Social media users reacted to the stunning clip in Dark Room commentary.

Instagram user @thatgirljaycole wrote, Better than me. I will swing the baby 😂”

While Instagram user @hovasdream_ added: He probably had one of the best concerts 🔥 of the year 🙌🏾”

Instagram user @tynicolle wrote,I got it. That jacket on eBay could pay some serious bills 😂”

While Instagram user @mikeyj_ added, What Denzel said…. ‘I’ll leave here with something…’”

Instagram user @jassssh__ wrote, Luckily it wasn’t me messing around, I took a swing, give me my men’s jacket.”

While Instagram user @waxingqueenadventures added: Now he knows very well those girls will go to Knuck if you give up when he throws that jacket 😂😂”

Instagram user @nogimmickzz wrote, Meanwhile Chris is doing his 3rd backflip and 7th song”

While Instagram user @kayvlaa added:I will start biting”

Instagram user @iknowwhereiwanttoeat wrote,Oh God, thank God it was just a jacket because they would have torn poor Chris to shreds.”

While Instagram user @morgaaan_____ added: How I poked some eyeballs for that jacket 😵‍💫😂😂😂😂”

It should be noted that this is not the first time Breezy has caused controversy with his audience. Based on MadameNoirefans brawled during Breezy’s concert at the O2 Arena in London in February 2023.

The performance was the first time Breezy performed in the city since 2010, and during his appearance, Brown only added to the hype after he threw his jacket into the crowd.

Watch the viral video of that incident below.


Breezy thinks throwing his jacket into the crowd is a good idea💀 let’s wait until the end to see what happens 😭😭😂😂 #chris brownconcert #chrisbrownlondon #ChrisBrown

♬ original sound – 🌍 DRE3ZY⚡️

Chris Brown’s ’11:11′ New Jersey tour stop also made headlines for THIS

EQUAL Shade room Previously reported, Breezy’s New Jersey tour stop also made headlines after an accident left the singer stranded in the air on June 11. Brown was performing the song “Under The Influence” while hanging on a rope above the crowd.

The suspension system allegedly malfunctioned and Brown became stuck and hung longer than planned.

In the end, social media gave Breezy flowers for the way he handled the mishap, which then went viral.

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