Cinnamoroll won the Sanrio ratings competition again in 2024

The results of the 2024 Sanrio character ranking contest are in and Cinnamoroll has once again emerged at number one. This year, Kuromi came in third place and Pochacco in second place.

A total of 57,075,052 people voted in this year’s election. The following is top ten results for Sanrio character ranking contest 2024:

  1. Cinnamoroll
  2. Pochacco
  3. Kuromi
  4. Pompompurin
  5. Hello Kitty
  6. My melody
  7. kerokerokeroppi
  8. Hangyodon
  9. tuxedosam
  10. Small double star

These ten characters tend to appear in merchandise and collaborations, so this may not come as a surprise. The above results are general rankings but Different countries also have different results. For example, the United States voted Chococat third while Gudetama and U.SA.HA.NA. made it into the top 10. Cinnamoroll did not take first place in South Korea (who voted Pochacco), the UK (who voted Pompompurin) or Thailand (Minnanotabo). However he is still in the top 3.

The year 2024 marks Thursday year in one row that one is Cinnamoroll win character ranking contest for Sanrio. Character ranking results often influence which characters receive more goods than others. This is partly why you tend to see Cinnamoroll merchandise in stores, but not so much for lower-tier mascots like Adorozatorumary or Marumofubiyori.

You can see the full results of the 2024 Sanrio character ranking contest above Official website.

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