Comments on the Strength of Men and Women (SEE)

Santana Saucy is clarifying himself after going viral saying that women don’t have the same strength as men.

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Here’s what Saucy Santana initially said and how he clarified his words

Based on Rap-UpSantana took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, May 26 to share a message about men and women.

“You know what I really hate? Because girls don’t exist [same] power like n****s,” he said. “They do not. I grew up with nothing but girls. I hate when girls say, ‘Oh, I’m a dog. I’m a man. I act like an asshole here.” No, no, baby. No, you don’t… You’re just soft. All you ladies. That’s estrogen, baby. That doesn’t happen, you can’t move like an asshole. You can’t think like a *** a. You cannot move like a man. It just doesn’t happen. And I want you all to stop lying to yourselves, tell n***** that you want to hear the truth. No, you don’t, no one wants to hear the truth…”

The newspaper reported that Santana’s comments “misled a lot of people.” So much so that one user on X, formerly known as Twitter, even took to the platform to share her disagreement with the rapper.

Based on Rap-Up, Santana returned to her Instagram Story on Sunday night to clarify her initial comments. He explained that he felt people “missed the message” of his words.

“When it comes to me, it always brings him/him. I am a boy. I’m a man, I’m a *** a. Whatever you guys want to feel like,” he said. “No matter how pretty my eyelashes, nails and face look, I’m still a boy… I grew up around a lot of girls, and girls are soft. And hey, can’t act like n****s because we’re really fierce, and you all really don’t like it.”

Social media has weight

Social media users reacted to Santana’s stance Dark Room commentary.

Instagram user @tokyo__vanity wrote, Yall knows exactly what he’s talking about! You will have to “move like motion” and cry in the dark night listening to sad music to make it sadder!”

While Instagram user @raelawson_no7eleven added:So soft, you didn’t even hear what he was saying. Brings back the 99s and 2000s lol”

Instagram user @iheartcharlietoo wrote, What he said is not wrong 🤷🏽‍♀️”

While Instagram user @heaven.stl added: I feel like he’s talking about emotional strength, not physical strength. physically no I’m incapable and I know that but emotionally I could be a damsel in distress or my daddy’s girl. you choose😌”

Instagram user @omgeezy wrote, He is not wrong.”

While Instagram user @tifanimichelle76 added:I can appreciate what he said…”

Instagram user @queenjagart wrote,I mean, no matter how much I train, I will never be as strong as a man. Even with steroids. But the way he said it annoyed me. I think it’s the right message, the wrong type of message.”

While Instagram user @bossladywatson_ added:I heard nothing but the truth. Regardless of physical appearance, genetics ultimately determine characteristics.”

Instagram user @naija090 wrote, He was literally right!! We are not equal in that respect.”

The rapper recently went viral after sharing THIS voice note to Yung Miami

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, Santana made headlines in April after he shared a voice message to Yung Miami. Despite recent comments about being cutthroat in his relationships, Santana playfully told Miami that he felt miserable at the time after being unlucky in love.

“Caresha, wake up bitch. I’m miserable. That’s why I don’t like napping, girl,” he said. “Rob won’t answer the phone since I cooked Tyrone’s burgers – I should never have gone in there cooking burgers. I’ve lost that man too – Dre, you’re posing and profiling with another bitch… I can’t. I’m as sick as a dog…”

Listen to his full voice notes below.

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