Cult Of The Lamb announces free Local Co-Op update, launching this August

As part of today’s Devolver Digital presentation, Worship the Lamb announced the next free update ‘Unholy Alliance’ which will add local co-op and Goat as new playable characters.

The new co-op feature will let you experience the entire campaign in co-op mode and arrives on Switch and many other platforms on August 12, 2024. Here’s a little more information about it , thanks to some PR:

“Experience the entire Cult of the Lamb campaign in local co-op, with one player playing as the Lamb and the other as the Goat. Enjoy new 2-player changes across Mini-games are available like fishing and knuckles, and choose from a range of broken weapons, tarot cards, curses and relics as you embark on cooperative crusades.

Sheep and Goat can swap weapons, dealing extra damage when fighting back-to-back or dealing a critical hit if their attacks are in sync. Solo players also get a ton of new powers and abilities to play with.

Along with the addition of co-op play, the Unholy Alliance expansion also adds new tarot cards, relics, buildings, fleeces, follower traits, follower quests, and More secrets to discover!

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