Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff and Sarah Paulson Celebrate the 2024 Tony Awards by Partying the Night Away

“At first I was very confused because when Ben Platt reading it out, he read my character’s name first,” Radcliffe said Vanity fair while hugging his Tony tightly at the celebration. “He said, ‘Charlie,’ and I said, Wait, is there any Charlie nominated? And then he said the character’s full name, and I thought, Oh shit, it’s me! And then I fainted.”

Soon, Radcliffe was joined by his co-star. Lindsay Mendez, a Tony nominee. “I loved being on this show and it was so special to do it with Lindsay and Jonathan Groff and so many people that I love so much,” he said. “Musical—it was the most demanding job I’ve ever done, and at the same time it was the best experience of my life. Winning this game is a great way to end the run.”

Four blocks away, at PJ Clarke’s, the show’s cast and creators sit Stereo was having a blast, enjoying lobster rolls, sliders and drinks. The show, about a fictional Fleetwood Mac-style band clashing while creating an album together in the 1970s, took home top honors of the night, taking home five awards, including best play . With 13 nods, it made history as the most Tony-nominated play of all time. Will Brill, who plays Reg, the bassist battling addiction, won the award for best actor in a play. He beat his co-star Eli Gelb And Tom Pecinka, both were nominated in the same category.

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