DC Young Fly recalls one year after the passing of Ms. Jacky Oh

Young DC flies took to Instagram on May 31 to reflect on the one-year anniversary of Hey Jacky‘S pass. The comedian wrote a heartfelt message to his longtime partner and mother of his children.

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EQUAL previous report of The Shade Room, a 32-year-old woman has passed away after complications from “motherhood” cosmetic surgery.

The ‘Wild N’ Out’ star posted a photo together Jackyannotate it:

“#ThisS***It’s been a year. s*** feels like yesterday!!! Being disappointed won’t work because it will make you more frustrated…you just need to keep God first and stay positive and not lose focus…because this shit will get you everywhere… #NotAPostImTrynaGetUseTo …just want to kiss you damn it, I love you mom.”

Social networks react to DC Young Fly’s post

Roomies in The Shade Room’s report shows DC – born John Whitfield – receiving a lot of love and support.

@tifah said, “Time passes quickly but remains in the hearts of those who are grieving. May God continue to keep and bless you on this journey.”

“That year mark was something else. Like reopening a wound,” @tee_dimps1598 stated.

A Roomie shares that they recently lost a significant other. @carpe_diem_theawakening wrote, “People don’t understand. Lost my first love last weekend, Just left the homecoming ceremony early today, My soul is broken, Lean on God in the name of Jesus amen. God bless you and your children.”

Some Roomies are not so kind.

“Men should have told her that she was naturally beautiful and should not have encouraged the toxic cosmetics that led to her death,” @bams_shenanigans said.

Others defended the ’85 South Show’ co-host.

@oh_danger said, “It’s so sick of people talking about surgery she doesn’t need. Like okay…. You don’t need that extra cheese burger now, do you, Bartholomew?”

@romaarmyyyyy co-signed, “Someone said ‘respect everyone without their two cents’ and I felt that for him.”

DC is said to have met Jacky in 2015 on the set of ‘Wild ‘N Out.’ They share two daughters, Nova and Nala, and a son, Prince, born in 2022, the year before Jackie died.

Rest in peace, Miss Jacky Oh.

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