Delicious in Dungeon 1-day concert announced for March 2025

1-day concert for Delicacies in the dungeon animated series, also known as Meshi Dungeon In Japan, was announced. The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra will perform a concert held on March 9, 2025 at the Omiya Sonic City Hall located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Additionally, composer Yasunori Mitsuda and Kentaro Kumagai, the Japanese voice actor for main character Laios Touden, will appear as guests on stage. In addition to playing Laios, Kumagai is also famous for playing Han Daewi in the Japanese dub of the film. God of high schoolAccording to Cornaro in Record of the Grancrest War anime adaptation and Hideo Akuno in Idolmaster SideM.

Three types of tickets are available. S seat tickets cost 15,000 yen (~$94.45), B seats cost 12,000 yen (~$75.55), and regular B seats cost 8,800 yen (~$55.40). Tickets will go on sale on July 24, 2024, the same day Delicacies in the dungeon released the official soundtrack in Japan. The album will include a pre-raffle entry for concert tickets. A 12-page supplemental booklet tentatively titled “How to Cook a Word Concert.” Meshi Dungeon” will be included. An official website for the concert will appear in the future.

Again, the first season of Delicacies in the dungeon the anime series ends on June 13, 2024 with the release of episode 24. A The second season is currently in production No release date is currently set.

The Delicacies in the dungeon “Delicious in Concert” will be held on March 9, 2025 at Omiya Sonic City Hall. The Delicacies in the dungeon the anime is streaming on Netflix and Yen Press handles the manga in the US.

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