Did fans choose his concert over his engagement?

Way! Chris Brown letting the girls risk it all for his ’11:11′ tour, including this supposed fiancee.

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Fans allegedly skipped engagement to go to Chris Brown concert

Chris Brown is going viral again thanks to a fan who showed up at his Chicago concert on Friday (June 8).

While performing on stage in Chicago, ‘Sensational’ singer noticed a sign that a fan was standing up. The woman named Lex, also known as (@_samonetarr_) on Instagram, held up a poster that read: “The engagement was canceled because I came to see you.”

Breezy laughed as he read the sign out loud to the audience and replied: “This is crazy! Are you all here to have fun?” It’s unclear whether the message on the poster board is a true story or not, but social media ate it up.

Chris Brown’s ’11:11′ tour has been going viral on social media since it kicked off in Detroit on June 5. The experience will come to other areas throughout the summer, including New York , Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Atlanta, Georgia.

Social media reacted with passionate fans of the group

Roomies were quick to comment on Chris’ reaction to the fan’s sign. Some social media users jumped in Shade Room comments section to defend the woman’s decision to attend the concert.

Instagram user @ange_lish wrote, “She definitely bought the meet and greet package. You don’t like those things.”

Instagram user @jaycap14 wrote, “Risking Chris Brown’s marriage is a dangerous thing to do.”

While Instagram user @khemistrymusicpage wrote: “But stop here and think… why wouldn’t a man marry a woman to go to a concert, what kind of controlling and unsafe behavior is that?”

Instagram user @bonitabillionaire then wrote: “You may have lost the love of your life but at least Chris acknowledged you.”

Another Instagram user @lynnotorious1 wrote, “If you broke up with me because I was going to meet Chris, we would never have worked anyway.”

Instagram user @kutzbykelly wrote, “You left a guy who wanted to be your husband to pay for a glimpse of a stranger?”

Finally Instagram user @nisha.nyoko wrote, “I mean honestly, calling off an engagement just because your girlfriend wants to go see an artist they like is so wild. She is not your slave.”

Chris Brown appeared at Meet & Greet

Chris’ interaction with a Chicago fan is one of the latest viral moments of his ’11:11′ tour.

Last week, the 35-year-old musician threw the interwebs into chaos after new photos of his meet-and-greet session went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter. Several fan sites shared pictures from the event, showing Chris getting really intimate with his supporters.

Some photos show CB kissing fans on the cheeks, while others show him actually getting emotional. Needless to say, those images made the girls gasp. Many social media users commented on the photos and called Chris the real deal for being so humble with his fans.

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