DMC 5 and Dino Crisis Top Capcom masterpiece election

Latest results Capcom’s Super Election Survey is now out and both Devils can cry 5 and dinosaur crisis series appeared as two of the most popular choices in the poll. Survey initially appeared in early February 2024 and includes 10 questions about a variety of popular Capcom properties and what players want to see in the future.

The first question in the survey asked players what their favorite Capcom game was out of many possible choices. Devils can cry 5 was the number 1 choice with 15,157 votes, followed closely by dinosaur crisis with 10,978 and Evil resides 4 Remade with 9,017 votes globally. Meanwhile, Okami and two titles from the first part Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney the trio ranked in the top three positions as voted for by voters in Japan. When analyzing this question by age demographic, the age range that includes people between the ages of 10-20 selected DMC 5 is their preference, with demographics including 30-40 year olds and 50-60 year olds choosing dinosaur crisis.

The second question asked players about their favorite Capcom character, and the top three were highlighted by Dante, Leon Scott Kennedy, and X from Capcom. Mega Man X series. In addition, Phoenix Wright is the number 2 choice in Japan. Jill Valentine followed by Regina from dinosaur crisis are the Capcom female characters loved by men, with Chun-Li followed by Jill Valentine for women.

Moving on to question number 5, Capcom asked players which games they would like to see get a sequel or new game. Once again, dinosaur crisis is the number one answer with 80,769 votes, followed by Megaman series with 63,395 votes and Devils can cry series with 60,371 votes globally. Talented lawyer is the number 1 choice of players in Japan with 14,193 votes.

In question number 6, players were asked to choose a Capcom game they would like to see completely remade using the latest technology. Surprisingly, 87,706 players voted that their desired remake was not on the list that Capcom provided, which was found to be the most popular answer. The Onimusha And Breath of fire the trio came in second and third place with 36,895 and 32,006 votes, respectively.

Question 9 asked players what complaints they wanted to share with Capcom, and a majority of players said they wanted the company to reboot previous Capcom IPs, with 103,331 users voting. For reference, the second most voted answer was “no complaints” with 36,744 votes.

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