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Earn points and miles on Father’s Day dining and gifts

Father’s Day could come alarmingly early if you haven’t checked the calendar lately. Father’s Day This year it’s June 16, so there’s not much time left to order gifts and secure restaurant reservations.

If you have made all the necessary arrangements then kudos to you because you are better organized children than most of us. But if you’re still at the first level, there are some great ways to make money points and miles while buying a gift or meal for your dad.

Here are some strategies to help you get the most bang for your buck.

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Earn rewards shopping for gifts


Online shopping portal is one of the most powerful tools in the world of travel rewards and cashback. When you start your shopping trip using the portal, you’ll be redirected to the merchant’s website, so your shopping experience will be the same as if you started at the merchant’s website—except except you’ll earn extra rewards.

On top of that, the rewards you earn through the shopping portal are added rewards you earn when you spend with your credit card.

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Here are some good shopping portal deals for potential Father’s Day gifts available at the time of publication.

Bass Pro Shop

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Since the shopping portal’s offers change frequently, I recommend you use them Aggregate shopping portal site like Cashback Monitor to compare returns and help determine which portal to use when you decide to buy gifts from a particular retailer.

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Earn rewards for sporting events and concerts


You can buy tickets to sporting events and concerts from a variety of websites, and they all offer significantly different rates of return. The returns listed below were available at the time of publication.

Vivid chair


Ticket seller

Again, I recommend using a shopping portal aggregator to compare current offers for your desired merchant.

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Earn rewards when dining out


Whether you intend to brave the crowds for a Father’s Day meal or stay home and order takeout or delivery, make sure you’re using the correct credit card to make your purchase. Many rewards cards offer Bonus points when purchasing foodsuch as:

If you have Chase freedom Flex℠Don’t forget that the restaurant is one of a kind bonus categories this square. Instead of the usual 3% cash back earned when dining, you’ll earn 7% cash back (or 7 points per dollar) through the end of June on combined purchases of up to $1,500 (required). activation bridge).

And if your restaurant chooses to join one of the many airlines and hotels dining rewards programYou can earn even more points or miles by paying with the card linked to your account.

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Save with promo codes and credit card offers

Some rewards cards offer targeted statement credits and bonus rewards on everything from retail stores and restaurants to travel and tickets. It’s worth checking them out to see if there are any helpful deals for your upcoming Father’s Day purchase.

You can often use these offers in tandem with shopping portals, which is a great way to get an extra layer of savings or bonus rewards.

For example, here are some of my current ones Chasing incentives That might come in handy for Father’s Day.


I also have a string Amex offers that can help me save money or earn extra points when buying Father’s Day gifts.


Eligibility for these offers is limited. Registration is required in the Amex Offers section of your account before redemption.

You can also check out other apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats, which now offer a variety of non-food items. For example, the Office Depot page on DoorDash has items ranging from office chairs to desk lamps. Click on the “Deals” page to see what’s on sale.


One thing to note is that it is not always possible to use promotional codes and earn rewards through shopping portals. Sometimes promotional codes will cancel the bonus rewards that the shopping portal will offer. Remember to read the fine print on shopping portals before you make a purchase.

Bottom line

There are plenty of ways to turn Father’s Day gift giving into a springboard for your next holiday. Thanks to online shopping portals, targeted offers like Amex Deals, and credit card rewards categories, buying gifts and experiences can be more rewarding than you expect.

Additionally, if finances are tight this year, check out our guide to Use points and miles to give gifts at zero out-of-pocket cost.

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