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PlayStation fans! We’re back again with another exciting look at Monster Hunter Wilds, coming to PlayStation 5 in 2025. In the trailer just revealed at Summer Game Fest 2024, we’re sharing how they I developed the hunting experience to seamlessly connect the intense storyline and gameplay, delivering the richest and most cinematic hunting experience in the series.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our latest trailer below, which we call “The Hunter’s Journey.” It shares a glimpse of an intense narrative-driven hunt across the Windward Plains and introduces all-new monsters making their debut in Monster Hunter Wilds.

Embark on a Hunter's Journey with a new look at Monster Hunter Wilds

New Doshaguma artwork revealed

Check out our newly released artwork! Here, we see a hunter encounter a pack of fearsome Doshaguma in the vast Windward Plains, providing a taste of the harsh environments and ferocious monsters you’ll face in the world of Monster Hunter Wilds.

A new Leviathan enters Monster Hunter Wilds


Balahara, a type of Leviathan monster found in the Windward Plains, first appeared in Monster Hunter Wilds.

This monster uses its serpentine body to slither across jagged landscape that is often impassable with ease. Balahara secretes a slime that allows it to greet any creature unfortunate enough to wander into its territory with a remote launcher.

Once a cunning predator, Balahara would burrow into the smooth desert sand and curl up in wait, using his flexible body to create a quicksand pit to trap his prey.

Strange turf war

The Forbidden Land is an unforgiving area – Resources are sparse and people compete for them abundant. Violent clashes over territory are a daily occurrence in the desert, and not just between the giants that inhabit it.

In the released footage, a pack of Balahara can be seen attacking a large Doshaguma, and we can see a Chatacabra being attacked by a group of small monsters. That’s right, even small monsters can defend themselves against larger predators if they feel threatened. Knowledge of this type of behavior can be used to your advantage. Remember to pay attention to your surroundings so you can act appropriately when the time comes.

Immersive, seamless connection between story and gameplay

The development team is working to create a story unlike any seen before in the Monster Hunter franchise, combining a compelling and engaging narrative with interesting characters to meet along the journey your.

Below is a glimpse of the story told through several cutscenes and gameplay segments.

You will play the role of a hunter appointed to the Forbidden Land Research Committee.

Members of the research committee, including the mysterious boy Nata, embark on an expedition into the Forbidden Lands.

Upon entering the Windward Plains, the research commission encountered a herd of Balahara that called the sandy lands of the Windward Plains home.

In the next shot, we see the Hunter teaming up with an unknown man who is being attacked by Balahara.

When Balahara attacks, we see the action flow seamlessly from cutscenes to gameplay.

Hunters can swing their weapon while mounted atop their Seikret to stop a group of approaching predators, or the Seikret can be instructed to automatically avoid monsters.

A hunter was swallowed by quicksand.

Balahara searches for the hunter and the battle begins.

A mysterious large monster approaches…

The Windward Plains represent a rich and vibrant ecosystem filled with monsters, contrasting with the harshness of nature. During your adventure, you will discover the mysteries of this land and the monsters that inhabit it.

Amid these harsh conditions, you’ll need to be wary of Sandtide, a fierce sandstorm accompanied by lightning. Also in the trailer is a scene of a mysterious giant monster attacking Doshaguma with lightning.

Monster Hunter Wilds promises to deliver the most cinematic and immersive story in the series’ history, where story and gameplay are seamlessly connected. We’ll have more to share with you in the future, so we hope you’ll stay tuned before the game launches on PS5 in 2025.

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