Emilie will be the new Dendro character in Genshin Impact

HoYoVerse revealed EmilyWho will be the new Dendro character in Genshin Impact. Emilie is a famous perfumer from Fontaine, although almost nothing else is known about her kits or weapons at this time.

Emilie has appeared previously in Genshin Impact during the Roses and Muskets incident. According to text from the game, Emilie is a self-employed perfume maker whose work is popular with the fashionable ladies of Fontaine. Her perfume seemed to focus on Fresh, floral and fruity fragrance. In his introduction, Neuvillette expressed amazement at the idea of ​​using “liquid fragrance” to regulate mood.

Due to the usual timing when HoYoVerse does drip marketing for characters, we can expect Emilie to appear in Patch 4.8 for a while. Although we don’t know much about her yet, fans are already giving their opinions online. Even in HoYoVerse’s direct Tweet replies, we can see a lot of people loving her design and saying it’s unique. Afterwards, some people said the outfit looked like a fanmade one or criticized her for being ugly.

Some other fans are comparing our final look to concept art from HoYoVerse. While everyone can have their own opinion on design, it’s important to remember that some of our artistic ideas Genshin Impact character is Leakage. Concept art also extremely different from the final product. It’s not uncommon for a character or work to have major differences in comparison pre-production stage.

Genshin Impact available on PS4, PS5, Windows PC and mobile devices.

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