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Welcome to Frenzies, the wildly chaotic and stylish multiplayer shooter, coming soon to PS VR2!

I’m excited to share some more information about Frenzies once it launches. In case you missed it, here’s our announcement trailer that gives you a taste of Frenzies’ unique blend of fun and chaos:

Make friends, break up with friends

In Frenzies, you’re thrown into a winner-takes-all five-round affair with a random, luck-of-the-moment combination of round types and maps that ensures no two games are exactly the same. Frenzies’ mix of single-player and team-based round types means that one minute you’ll be building friendships and working together to win, and the next you’ll be trying to take down those friends in a chaotic brawl.

From the moment we started working on Frenzies, we wanted it to feel really fun. We didn’t want to make a serious military simulation game, but instead took inspiration from classic arena shooters like Quake and Unreal Tournament. We felt that by taking the essence of those games and sprinkling in a dose of unpredictability, we created something that was easy to pick up, hard to master, and always put a smile on your face. We think there’s something for everyone in Frenzies, and even seasoned VR shooter fans will be challenged in new ways.

Our round types also play a huge role in building this sense of fun. Alongside traditional modes like Team Deathmatch, we’ve gotten creative to build new round types around some interesting concepts that leverage VR really well. My personal favorite is Glitter Pig, where you run around trying to catch this giant, squealing pig. You have to be the one to hold the pig the longest throughout the round, but that’s easier said than done when your opponents can easily track you and your big pig friend.

VR Genealogy Made for Multiplayer

In the nDreams studio family, we have been pioneering VR game development for over a decade, including the critically acclaimed ‘Run and Cover’ gameplay in Fracked and the award-winning Synapse. ‘Run and Cover’ feels satisfying and tactile but also very intuitive thanks to the power of VR and we wanted to bring it to multiplayer with Frenzies.

Multiplayer works incredibly well in VR – you’re in a shared physical space with other players, able to collaborate, compete, and interact with each other and the environment in a variety of ways.

One of my favorite ways we really lean into this with Frenzies is through gestures, which are replicated 1:1 in-game. Gestures add both tactical depth and social interaction to each match. For example, you can communicate with your teammates with hand signals, taunt your opponents with certain ‘emo’ gestures, or even engage in a quick game of rock, paper, scissors. We’re excited to see these types of interactions play out in Frenzies.

Express yourself

In Frenzies, everything is turned up to 11, from the neon-lit arenas to the oversized weapons, and you’ll need to match that energy as you enter the arena. Unpredictability reigns supreme in this game and humility will get you nowhere, so bragging about your victories and mocking your opponents is not only allowed – it’s encouraged.

Showboating only works if you look good doing it, and nothing says showboating like the ultimate killer outfit – a bodysuit. Our bodysuits are colorful and fun, and you can choose from dozens of designs to customize your bodysuit and express yourself through a unique visual identity. Combine your bodysuit with a digital face, gloves, and shoes to create a look that will turn heads in the arena… right before you snap the perfect portrait.

We have a lot more to share in the coming months, so be sure to add the game to your wishlist now on the PlayStation Store. Until then, start picking out your dream jumpsuit and we’ll see you in the arena soon.

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