Hololive Vtuber Calliope Mori is resting after knee surgery

Legendary English Hololive Vtuber Calliope Mori has arrived YouTube to provide an update on her condition following knee surgery in May 2024. She noted that due to complications, she may not return to regular streaming until “end of May”.

Mori noted that the surgery took longer than expected. This was because her knee condition became worse than expected. As a result, there are also complications during this process. She said she would rest and “the only way to get better is to do nothing.” She also noted that she was still in pain and emotional.

After explaining that, Calliope Mori noted that she would still be active as a Hololive Vtuber, but said it would be limited to members-only livestreams. Her expected return date is late May 2024, but an exact date is currently unknown. She also asked people to make Steam Deck suggestions.

Before this surgery, Mori was still quite active. In fact, one of her most recent performances was participating in the show DreamHack Melbourne Hololive Concert April 2024. She sings with fellow Vtubers Houshou Marine, Tokoyami Towa, Hakos Baelz, Pavolia Reine and Kureiji Ollie. Her last public broadcast was on May 7, 2024, which is when she discussed resting and undergoing surgery.

Calliope Mori is expected to resume regular streaming by the end of May 2024.

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