Ice-T criticizes Lenny Kravitz’s 9-year single journey

Ice-T recently criticized Lenny Kravitz singleness journey, label it “weirdos***.”

TheJasmineBrand reports that the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ actor shared his thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter, on May 30.

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Ice-T’s thoughts on Lenny’s single journey

Kravitz revealed his commitment to celibacy when speaking with Guard in an interview published the same day. Kravitz also revealed that he hasn’t been in a serious relationship in nine years and is choosing to stay single until he finds a loving partner.

Ice-T seems to believe that Lenny’s behavior is bizarre. He tweeted, “Nine years without sex? That’s BS. You weirdo.”

The “Body Count” rapper later decided to delete his harsh statement. However, he replied to commenters who received his message before deleting it.

“Wrong Ice!” one woman wrote. “That’s not strange. It was his own journey.”

He responded, “That journey…. laugh.”

@FINALLEVEL tweeted, “Why judge him? That’s his choice. He’s different from you…I don’t think it’s fair to assume there’s something wrong with him because he chose to be single for so long. I think there are many people who can and do abstain for long periods of time for many different reasons. Option.”

Ice-T replied “S*** is so weird to me…., I like F****. Much.”

The rapper also tweeted, “Hey…if you’re male and you can voluntarily go 9 years without sex…You’re following the wrong site.”

Ice-T used to be a pimp, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t agree with the idea of ​​abstaining from sex. Lenny has yet to respond to the actor’s comments.

Lenny’s thoughts on single life

The 60 year old man said GuradiaN His single journey is “a sacred thing.” He also shared that although he longs for a relationship now, he thinks he already has one. “became very stable [his] way.”

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