I’m desperate for Little Kitty, Big City DLC

I Love Little cat, big city. Even though this could have been a four or five hour game, I still played twice that due to my enjoyment of exploring its world. That’s why I can’t help but hope for more. It feels like it Little cat, big city It would be even better if Double Dagger Studios decided to make DLC.

The first reason I feel DLC would be great for Little cat, big city is that it can be suitable at any time. Opening up new fields? You can enjoy it right away or inside after the match. This is the kind of game that feels like it could help add more to-do’s to your cat’s list. Especially since they have the opportunity to add or not add additional NPCs. There may be a quest that involves asking characters to take pictures of you. Perhaps add challenges that tie into existing elements like a small putting green.

The fact that there are also places in the city now seems like it could lead to new places in one Little cat, big city expansions are also perfect reasons to say, “DLC could be here.” There are many puddles around. Some appeared to be due to rain or people using hoses. Others looked like they were tied up with construction. Well, perhaps if Double Dagger wants to explore work on an add-on, remove the water or make it possible for kittens to jump or sneak past those spots to reach new adjacent areas.

Not to mention, there are a lot of cat hats available here right now. Little cat, big city. There are 42 available. This means there are even two spaces in the in-game menu, and there is “space” for two more. Even without an expansion that makes Big City even bigger, some add-ons that increase the number to 44 to round out the game would be nice. Or, I mean, just give us more hats and bump that number to 48 or 60. Kitty deserves a big wardrobe.

I think it’s all because of my love Little cat, big city to the point where I want the DLC so I can take the cat out to town again. Yes, I can always replay it. Going to my deleted saves to explore for fun is also an option. Still, I can’t help but want to make more fun animal friends and experience more of these fun adventures in an expansion.

Little cat, big city available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and PC, and no DLC has been announced.

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