iOS 18 makes this complicated iPhone feature much more user-friendly (and I’m a fan)

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this year WWDC Work in progress and one of the most useful new features in the upcoming release iOS 18 is a refurbished Control Center.

The last big change to Control Center happened nearly five years ago, when Apple introduced the ability to add, remove, and rearrange toggles with the release of iOS 11. Today, the company is changing things up. interface to allow users to further customize these toggles, including flashlight, screen recorder, calculator, auto-rotate, screen mirroring, etc., by rearranging them from within the Hub page control.

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Why is this a big deal? Previously, rearranging icons in Control Center required users to open the Settings app, tap some slide in the Control Center section, then add, remove, or rearrange content on the page manually. With iOS 18, you simply tap and hold an icon from within Control Center and drag it around, similar to how you rearrange apps on the home screen. You can also resize the widgets.

The new Control Center will also support multiple pages of shortcuts. A long swipe down from the home screen moves through a series of vertical controls and widgets. I’ve never had a problem with having too many icons in Control Center, but I can see this being useful for those who want to organize them based on function; Perhaps one page is for basic tasks and one page is dedicated to smart home devices.

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Speaking of which, Apple is adding a new music widget and an updated interface for smart home controls. Currently, the music player is permanently located in the upper right corner of Control Center, with very minimal functionality (only play, pause, and skip tracks). As for smart home on/off status, it can be very chaotic when you have too many lights and accessories in your home; Essentially, each requires its own conversion.

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