Larian Studios opens a new branch in Poland

Larian Studios, famous for the role-playing game Like Bald Gate 3 and Divinity series, is expanding the company’s horizons with the announcement of a new studio in Warsaw, Poland. The move comes on the heels of the company’s previously announced plans for two new RPGs, both of which are in active development.

This is the official announcement of the Warsaw studio. It also includes the logo.

Larian Studios’ main location is in Ghent, Belgium, and the newest branch in Warsaw, Poland marks the seventh branch to date. Its announcement did not note any specific type of work the department would perform. It only notes that the new studio has opened its doors and will begin contributing to the developer’s work on upcoming projects.

We don’t know exactly what Larian Studios has planned next, other than knowing that the company has two games in development. We know Patch 7 are in the process of working for Bald Gate 3. We also know that, in the past, the focus was primarily on developers Divinity Game. However, we know the company do not do Bald Gate 4.

Bald Gate 3 available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Its next patch is in development, although an exact release date is not yet available.

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