LG Display begins production of Tandem OLED for laptops


LG Display said Monday that it has developed and begun production of a 13-inch Tandem OLED panel for laptops.

Tandem OLED is the same technology that Apple first introduced on tablets in The latest iPad Pro model was launched last month. LG Display is the main panel supplier for those tablets.

Tandem OLED panels have two red, green and blue (RGB) emissive or light-emitting layers, as opposed to existing OLED panels on smartphones that have a single emissive layer.

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This allows the panel to provide higher brightness with a longer lifespan. Because of these qualities, LG Display was the first company to introduce this technology for automotive panels in 2019, which required displays that are more durable and long-lasting than those used in products. consumption.

The company also became the first to introduce Tandem OLED for laptops with the new panel. LG Display says its latest 13-inch Tandem OLED panel has twice the lifespan and three times the brightness of existing OLED panels in the laptop space.

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The Korean display maker says power consumption has also been reduced by 40%, making the panel optimal for AI laptops and other high-performance devices.

According to LG Display, the panel, which is also a touch screen, has also undergone improvements in design and composition to be about 40% thinner and 28% lighter than the previous panel, helping laptops Premium handpiece with slim design becomes optimal. It also offers WQXGA+ (2880×1800) ultra-high resolution and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut as well as meets Vesa’s Display HDR True Black 500 high dynamic range for deep blacks, the company added.

Display manufacturers such as LG Display and Samsung Display are looking for new areas of growth beyond smartphones and are actively looking to expand their supply of OLED panels for laptops and tablets . With Apple adopting OLED for the iPad for the first time, it will almost certainly want to use them on MacBooks in the future. This means that suppliers LG Display and Samsung Display will want to accumulate more experience and expertise in OLED panels for laptops before their main customer, Cupertino, finally ships orders. for them.

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