Lloyd threatens to block Funny Marco after receiving this message

Comedian Marco is funny happenning LloydHis final worry after asking him to explain the decades-old lyrics!

The comic took to Instagram to reveal screenshots of the interaction and included Lloyd’s threat to block him if the deception continued.

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Marco’s funny message

Landlord of ‘Open thinking’ The podcast engaged the singer in his Instagram direct messages. He started the message “Hello Mr. Lloyd Listen to the player’s prayer you said…” The comic then began quoting lyrics from Lloyd’s song, released in 2007.

He wrote, “All I need is one more chance, one more chance. I’m just playing with them, girls. I plan to be back soon.”

Marco continued, “I have stumbled, where is love? I knelt. Lord, please show me a little love.”

The content creator asked at the end of the message, “Why did you play with her in the first place??”

Lloyd’s answer to the comedian

Lloyd responded with questions of his own. The 38-year-old man wrote back: “Hello Marco, why are you asking me about something from almost 20 years ago? Are you falling in love for the first time now?

“Now I have kids and there are more important things to do. Please don’t make me block you,” the singer threatened.

After The Shade Room reposted the content, many roommates thought Marco’s message and the male singer’s response were funny.

Watch Marco and Lloyd’s exchange below:

@_byemyej said, “Lloyd answered like a tired parent.. a fed up parent…”

“Lloyd said ‘DON’T LEAVE ME’ @_loveinalexiss joked.

However, some Roomies were upset because the ‘Tru’ singer didn’t seem to know how to take a joke.

@jaycap14 stated, “There’s no way he takes Marco seriously.”

@quera.shay added, “Some celebrities are no joke, I will scream when I read Marco’s message.”

@t.tesfaye wrote, “We hate a ninja who can’t take a joke, calm down sir.”

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