Lord Hades’ cruel marriage gradually tells a love story

In the first episode of The cruel marriage of Lord Hades manga, it feels like the focus is completely on More humorous elements instead tells a romantic story about gods falling in love. However, as the second season comes along, Uei Yuho begins to gradually implement subtle elements that suggest that yes, there will be a real marriage in the end.

Editor’s Note: There are some light spoilers for volumes 1 and 2 of the series. The cruel marriage of Lord Hades comic below.

As a refresher, in the first episode, Eros’s arrow hits Hades in the forehead. Everyone (except Hades) was happy about this, as they were worried about him being alone and hoped he would find someone who could be his mate. At the same time, after being hit, he saw Kore. She was the goddess of spring who had come to the underworld for… reasons… and seemed very invested in the idea he would find someone too. However, while the arrow disappeared and she was the first person he saw, it seemed he did not develop any feelings.

Like the first volume of the manga, volume 2 of The cruel marriage of Lord Hades still involves various gods getting involved in Hades’ business and trying to find him a spouse. For example, Hestia, Artemis, Sphinx and Nephele all appear. So the series still maintains the “monster of the week” style format, only with Greek gods. It’s still silly, although Hades himself gets some pretty insightful lines and insights from time to time.

However, what I really appreciated about volume 2 of The cruel marriage of Lord Hades The manga is a slow burn, a developing love story between Hades and Kore. There are times when we see two characters having moments in the first entry. However, there are even more moments here on both characters’ part. When Apollo and Artemis appear, there are small hints of Hades being protective and Kore sheltering or looking to him for support. When he went to a temple to get the equipment, he didn’t continue searching because Kore’s flowers were there. When Hades is apparently on a date, Kore ends up following the two of them to discover what’s going on.

Everything is happening delicately. Since this is a comedy, it really makes the moments between Hades and Kore stand out. As such, although these are occasional hallmarks of a traditional love story, they develop based on the context of the manga so sometimes you only get certain artistic decisions. if you really pay attention. Meanwhile, when a public conversation that hints at a deeper relationship emerges, it’s appreciated even more.

It makes me wonder what the next episode will be The cruel marriage of Lord Hades The manga will handle the developing love story between the gods. Especially considering the tone of the story so far. Based on the number of gods introduced, they will most likely participate similarly. But it would also be nice to spend more time on the build-up so we could really enjoy what’s going on in Hades’ life.

Volume 2 of The cruel marriage of Lord Hades To be available nowand Yen Press does not yet have a release date for the third part in the manga series.

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