Maryland teachers address virus backlash

White MarquisMaryland teacher who was criticized for letting student take off her braids in class is now addressing the backlash.

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Viral Maryland teacher Marquise White addresses the backlash

On Friday, May 17, White released a video via YouTube. In the hour and twelve minute clip, White addressed public criticism. He initially explained that the incident happened during “the last ten minutes of class on Friday.”

However, he may agree with some viewers who said the viral interaction was “unprofessional.”

“I don’t deny it – the fact that I don’t braid my hair at school, at my work, yeah, that’s extremely unprofessional,” he explained.

However, White explained that he was an unprofessional, eclectic, and unusual teacher. From there, White explained that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable teaching while showing off the tattoos on his arms and legs.

“Like, I’m going to do these things because they don’t affect my effectiveness as a teacher,” he said. “If anything, I think it enhances it…”

Despite his views, White admitted that the ordeal was still “unprofessional” even though “it was a one-time thing.”

“The first and last time, I had never done that before,” he said. “I need help, I’m tied up and I don’t have time to get my hair out.”

See his full statement below.

Reaction on social networks

Social media users reacted to White’s explanation in Dark Room commentary. Many reactions continue to mix.

Instagram user @jay.alyxander wrote, Unpopular opinion: it’s really not a big deal…and if this was a female teacher you wouldn’t care 👀”

While Instagram user @brethedoll._ added:The problem is, he wants to be a FRIEND to these kids instead of a TEACHER.”

Instagram user @dr.ruffin1914 wrote,As educators, one of the first things we learn is the purpose and importance of setting boundaries.”

While Instagram user @ayomac_ added: Unpopular opinion: he did nothing wrong.”

Instagram user @mashaydaa wrote, Teachers have evolved thanks to this new generation of children. Many people consider this unethical because of the time and place. But I think it’s harmless / it’s simply his way of bonding with his students.”

While Instagram user @paristheefoodie added: What about teachers stopping recording their students at school?”

Instagram user @jojo.emale wrote, I just want him to stay away from the mic. He is making things worse.”

While Instagram user @_golden_lady_ added, He is telling himself that he will never have a job in teaching or education again (SMH).”

Instagram user @realbriamyles wrote,Since he has received so much attention, he might as well start a virtual education business from home and take a break from that.”

While Instagram user @heluvssmaj added: Didn’t the teacher just hit the student in the video? leave this man alone.”

Brief summary of the viral incident

EQUAL Shade room Previously reported, White went viral after livestreaming some of his female students while they were braiding his hair. White is a full-time teacher at Maya Angelou French Immersion School in Hillcrest, Maryland.

Before the hair braiding incident went viral, White shared a TikTok with his students and called them his “best friends.” Additionally, she shared scenes of them throwing darts in the classroom and participating in TikTok trends. On one occasion, White even shared footage of a student painting her nails in class.

Check out the full challenge and Maryland parents’ reactions below.

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