McDonald’s Japan launches European burger line with Kiki’s delivery service

McDonald’s Japan has it disclosure Its new limited European burger menu, use Kiki’s delivery service-as advertising for promotion. These burgers will be available from June 26, 2024 for a limited time. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The three flavors are: beef burger with German potatoes, juicy hot chicken burger with peperoncino sauce and shrimp bouillabaisse burger. There is a note below the peperoncino chicken burger: those who are not good with spicy foods should be wary when ordering this dish. Additionally, the bouillabaisse-style shrimp burger will not be available in Fukuoka or Saga.

McDonald’s first introduced these burgers with the two short animated videos above June 18, 2024. While it’s not actually Kiki, it does feature a little witch girl who resembles the Studio Ghibli character flying through the sky and running through a market. Like Kiki, she carries a small black cat and wears a black and red outfit. Marketing could have used her for these burgers due Swedish aesthetics of the town Kiki lives in. It’s true that these burgers seem to draw on flavors from German, Italian, and French cuisine.

The European burger will be available for a limited time at McDonald’s Japan from June 26, 2024.

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