Mega Man was originally a game on the Famicom disc system

Megaman Game planner Akira Kitamura shared on social networks some information about the game’s development and said the game was originally planned as a Famicom Disk System title.

Kitamura said so, because Megaman was the only Capcom title at the time that was progressing on schedule, its format having been changed from a disc game to a ROM cartridge, in anticipation of year-end sales. This is related to the original MegamanRelease date of December 17, 1987.

Ideas change Megaman from the Famicom Disk System to regular ROM cartridges were most likely created to take advantage of the original Famicom (or NES outside Japan) which had a larger player base than the Japan-exclusive peripheral. Unlike the Famicom or NES, the Famicom Disk System device allowed floppy disk games to be inserted into the Famicom system.

The game developer revealed this information after answering a question on his X (formerly Twitter). personal account. The original question asked about the position of “game planner” in the original Megaman game. Kitamura revealed that the planner was what we today call the game director. The developer added that today, it is the producer’s job to manage the project, while the director is the one responsible for overseeing the development process.

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Original Megaman launched on December 17, 1987 in North America for the NES and Japan for the Famicom (where it was called Rockman,) December 13, 1989 in the UK and June 22, 1990 in the rest of Europe.

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