Minecraft: English Manga will launch in Spring 2025

Minecraft: Manga
Image: VIZ Media, Kazuyoshi Seto / Coro Coro Comics

Minecraft has now turned 15 and as part of the celebration, the official manga (originally launched in CoroCoro comics in April 2020) will finally be released in English.

VIZ Media is handling the localization Minecraft: Mangais expected to launch at some point in the Spring 2025. Here’s the official announcement, which also provides some information about what to expect from this particular story:

Notification: Add this book to your spell room! Join Nico for a chance to escape his cramped home and prove how strong he becomes when attacked by zombies! Minecraft: Mangaby Kazuyoshi Seto, released spring 2025.”

The mangaka author also worked Name no yo! Nameneko Matakichi Saikyou Densetus. As for VIZ Media, they have previously localized several other video games, including Splatoon comics And Comics The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

This latest announcement follows a slew of other Minecraft-related news this week, including Netflix announcing a new animated series. Yesterday Mojang was also locked Difficulty testing updateconfirming that it will arrive in just a few weeks.

Also, Minecraft Movie will be released next year on April 4, 2025. Only one The Minecraft game sale is currently happening on the Switch eShop and 50% off all titles until June 4, 2024.

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