My Nintendo reward Zelda Glow-In-The-Dark: TOTK Keychain added

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Glow in the dark keychain
Image: Nintendo Life

Around this time last year, Nintendo revealed a luxury product Tears of the Kingdom Keychain glows in the dark as my Nintendo reward. It disappeared rather quickly, leaving many clamoring to donate their precious Platinum Points to the product, but now it’s back.

Yes, exclusive rewards have been added on both Europe And North America My Nintendo Store. For just 600 Platinum Points in Europe and 550 in the US (plus shipping, of course), you can get (huge) rewards that so many of us missed out on last time.

The keychain is 5cm in diameter and is made of black nickel-plated zinc alloy. If you want to get your hands on this glow-in-the-dark gift then we recommend you visit our store. My Nintendo store in the area while it’s still available.

We can only assume that this restock is to mark the first anniversary of Tears of the Kingdom, which comes with a new work of art last week.

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