Nelly and Ashanti are said to be married

Roomies, new information is being reported on Nelly And Ashantieach other’s love story and it is said that the two are married.

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More details are reported about Nelly & Ashanti’s alleged marriage

On Wednesday, June 19, TMZ posted an exclusive article about the love story of the female singer and rapper. The newspaper claims that the couple are married and “have been in a relationship for many months.”

Court records obtained by the outlet claim that Nelly and Ashanti’s marriage was recorded on December 27, 2023.

The agency reports that the records do not specify the city where the musicians’ marriage became official. However, TMZ reported that their union was recorded in St. Louis.

It’s worth noting, the agency’s report does not explicitly include the state where the marriage was recorded. However, it noted that “all indications are that they were committing such conduct in Nelly’s hometown.” Global music business note that Nelly originates from St. Louis, Missouri. Meanwhile, black medicine reports that Nelly was born in Austin, Texas.

TMZ adding that representatives for Nelly and Ashanti have been contacted for comment. However, they have not yet responded. The newspaper added that the musicians may be planning a public ceremony.

Reaction on social networks

Social media users react to reported details about Nelly and Ashanti’s alleged union in Dark Room commentary.

Instagram user @farrahgray_ wrote, I’ll forget you guys tried to say she was ‘past her prime’ when she was 40 and living her best life. It’s never too late for anything you want, you just have to wait your turn.”

While Instagram user @cherell_aka_pepper added: I’m glad they kept it a secret and she’s pregnant. They know she doesn’t need the online stress of being pregnant.”

Instagram user @farrahgray_ wrote, Am I the only one who loves seeing Black Love pop up on their timeline?”

While Instagram user @trinidadrell added: Everyone else’s business is none of your business.”

Instagram user @tynicolle wrote, & y’all keep talking about how she’s pregnant & not married!

While Instagram user @supremeanita added: Just because they didn’t have a big online wedding doesn’t mean they didn’t get married. Everyone should mind their own business 😭😭😭. Congratulations to them! 🎉🎉”

Instagram user @ill_nai_nai wrote, People say maybe they are already married!!!! That’s why you all have to learn to mind your own business… everyone’s worried about a ring and they’re already walking down the aisle. Congratulations to them 🫶🏽”

Ashanti recently spoke out about Nelly’s proposal and their wedding plans

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, Ashanti recently sat down with Tonight’s reception in an interview published on Tuesday, June 18. During the conversation, the singer did not specify when Nelly proposed. However, she took advantage of an “intimate” moment that happened while they were watching TV in bed.

“It was such a beautiful and intimate moment,” she said. “We weren’t dressed up… Like, I had absolutely no idea… I gave him the deepest hug and kiss ever. I FaceTimed everyone I knew… I was overjoyed, shocked, surprised and happy like all in one.”

During the chat, Ashanti confirmed that she will give birth before her and Nelly’s wedding. She even made it clear that she wanted a beachside wedding decorated with “sunshine and palm trees.”

Furthermore, in a separate part of the interview with this news outlet, the mother-to-be explained that she and Nelly both knew about the gender of their first child. However, they will not share it with the world.

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