Nendoroid Sung Jinwoo Solo Leveling confirmed

Good Smile Company shared some announcements about the figures as part of the programme Smile Festival 2024 in June 2024, and one is Level up alone Nendoroid Sung Jinwoo. However, there is no release date for it yet.

Since this is one of the figures that is very early in development, there are no prototypes to test yet. However, this reveal includes concept art by Sung Jinwoo. It shows him in Nendoroid style. He wears normal clothes like in the movie, with a navy blue jacket over a white shirt and gray pants. There are no suggestions as to what types of faceplates or additional accessories might come with the finished figure.

Here is the first full teaser image of the Nendoroid:

Since its launch, Level up alone eventually inspiring anime adaptations, audiobooks, and even games. ONE second season of the show will appear in 2024. Meanwhile, play for free Solo Level Up: Arise based on the series is now available worldwide.

There is no release window for Level up alone Nendoroid Sung Jinwoo yet. Anime is streaming online Crunchyroll. Yen Bao Handles manhwa, audio books and novels. Solo Level Up: Arise available on PC and mobile devices.

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