Netflix reveals first official look at Liam Hemsworth in ‘The Witcher’

Fans of the Netflix series witch was understandably supportive when the star took the lead Henry Cavill announced his departure only to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth.

Alas, that’s happening, but judging from the newly released ‘first look’ trailer for the upcoming season, our faith in Hemsworth has been boosted a bit. Granted, we don’t see his version of Geralt of Rivia do anything other than turn towards the camera in a suitably brooding and managed manner, but it’s a start.

Hemsworth, whose brother Chris is quite famous among Marvel fans, acted like Independence Day: Resurrection, The Expendables 2And Hunger game franchise, while also taking on roles in both Neighbor And Home and Away on TV – great!

However, Henry Cavill proved incredibly popular during his time on The Witcher, and we’re still sad to see him go. He also won’t be returning to arguably his most recognizable role as Superman, as DC is currently rebooting the DC Universe under the leadership of James Gunn. Gunn is also directing the upcoming film Superman film with David Corenswet in the lead role.

However, Cavill performed one of the coolest moves with Mission Impossible: Fallout‘S ‘arm reload’so at least we have that.

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