New Cho Aniki Project is under development

A new one For Aniki The project is under development, project details will be updated soon. You can follow the updates by following official social media accounts for the series.

There is hardly any information about the new one. For Aniki game on the website. It shows two identical characters locked behind bars, with the words “A new project is coming son” at the bottom of the screen. Since the website’s URL is “Collection For Aniki”, which is presumably the name of the game. It is unclear whether it will be a compilation of previous games in the series (albeit remastered), or whether it will be an entirely new game.

For Aniki is a series of baka-ge, which literally means “stupid games” and usually refers to very silly games with over-the-top humor. The games tend to side scrolling shooting game and the first version was released in 1995 for PC. The most recent game was released in 2021 for mobile devices. It is a rhythm game and is exclusive to Japan. Most of the recent titles are mobile games.

A new one For Aniki The project is ongoing and more details will be announced in the future.

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