New Hololive English Justice Vtubers launched this week

Cover announced a new group of all-British Vtubers, with the four being Cecilia Immergreen, Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame, Gigi Murin and Raora Panthera. Their launch will begin on June 21, 2024, with Elizabeth and Gigi as the first, culminating in their first group collaboration on June 22, 2024.

The theme of this new hololive English Vtuber group is that the four members are a group called Justice that will go out to investigate the hololive Advent Group released in July 2023. Elizabeth is Justice’s manager, Cecilia is an ancient robot, Gigi is a hunter, Raora is an artist. The group’s headquarters is The Lookout, where they monitor places like The Cell prison.

Here is the full schedule for the launch of all new Holographic English Justice Vtubers.

The group’s livestream will take place after Raora’s debut and it will take place at 9:30 pm ET on June 22, 2024, which is 12:30 am ET on June 23, 2024 .

The official social media accounts of all four members are also active. Each performer shared portraits of themselves. In the case of some people, it seems like they drew the pictures.

Here is Cecilia’s introduction:

Here’s Elizabeth’s:

Gigi’s comes in black and white:

Finally, here’s Raora’s:

The first livestream of the new hololive group will begin on June 21, 2024 with Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame and Gigi Murin.

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