Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser says conviction is ‘a blessing’

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Image: Damien McFerran/Nintendo Life

Gary Bowser, the infamous figure convicted for participating with Team Xecuter in facilitating the piracy of Nintendo games, recently spoke with UNILAD to say that he considered his arrest and subsequent conviction “a stroke of luck”.

In addition to serving 14 of his 30-month prison sentence, Bowser must also pay $10 million directly to Nintendo in compensation along with a $4.5 million fine. As a result, he struck a deal with Nintendo in which 20-30% of his surplus income would go to the company, meaning he would likely be in significant debt for years to come.

Bowser told UNILAD that he tried to alleviate his condition somewhat by taking advantage of money he had saved while in prison, disability payments for his health condition, and Donations are provided through a foundation. GoFundMe page. He said that despite all this, “it will still be a difficult dish to eat”.

However, he said that he considered his sentence a blessing and had used his time in prison to reflect on his life and actions:

“Life is a path of choices, I made the wrong choice, that’s for sure, but in some ways I consider the outcome now, after all that has happened, as a blessing .

“My time in prison helped me gain more insight into my life, resolve some personal issues about why I drank every day, and now that I’m back in Canada, I’ve been able to connect with people who truly care and love me as a friend.” and human. That was very helpful in restarting my life, so now I’m back on track and looking forward to living many more decades.

“My health and wellbeing is now the focus of my life and there are people around me who truly care. No more stupidity.”

Court documents detailing Bowser’s sentencing reveal that U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik discussed how the case would play out. serves as a means to ‘send messages’ for those who wish to commit similar crimes.

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