One Piece Chopper Tamagotchi feels like a friend, not a virtual pet

Bandai Namco promises that everyone will have a chance to get it A piece Tony Tony Chopper Tamagotchi Nano in May 2024after launching in Japan and now a virtual pet everywhere. (It’s also known as Choppertchi in Japan, a much cuter name.) However, after spending a whole week with him, I can’t help but feel like it’s not as much of a pet as the other characters in the series. . .

Since this is a Tamagotchi Nano model, it means the virtual pet process to take care of Chopper from A piece a little more streamlined. You can’t really check the health and happiness statistics. Basically, you feed it until it won’t eat standard food anymore. There are only two games. One way involves pressing the “B” button when Chopper’s hoof is in the middle of the target. The other involves using the “A” and “B” buttons to move the character’s head left and right to collect cotton candy, but avoid hot peppers. “C” can be pressed to trigger a short animation.

Depending on how well you care for your virtual pet, Chopper will evolve into a form based on his Grand Line or New World design. You start with the character skipping ahead or behind in time randomly and things like how quickly you feed him, the games you play, what you feed him and whether you’re awake enough Apple to turn off the lights or not (in-game) at night affects his development. Likewise, you can finally get Chopper forms that dress like the other forms A piece The characters for this Tamagotchi Nano follow the extra characters. So I ended up with a Walk Point Grand Line Chopper, and then he turned into a Gol D. Roger.

The thing is, because of the nature of this Tamagotchi Nano, I never felt like Chopper was a traditional virtual pet. Part of that is due to lack of demand. Because I can’t check his status, I don’t feel like I need to look at it every half hour. I’ll check it out when I take a break during the work day to grab something to drink or eat lunch. When work is finished, I’ll see what he’s doing if he makes sounds or when I switch between games and other activities.

Reality is different A piece Guest characters also help. Sometimes I look over and see Luffy eating or Frankie appearing on the screen. Because the screen is so recessed into the device, it can be difficult to see what’s going on in certain conditions, but at other times it looks like Chopper is peeking behind something, looking seek attention. When I press A, little hearts appear. It’s all very normal.

It’s almost like a normal friendship. Instead of taking care of virtual pets whenever I look over A piece Tamagotchi Nano, I’ll check to see what Chopper is doing while I’m doing something else. Maybe I’ll see if he wants something to eat or play a quick game that takes me 30 seconds to complete. There are no requirements, and I always know that even if I’m not quick or attentive, Chopper will still be fine and will eventually change to a new outfit or form.

The A piece Chopper Tamagotchi Nano is available worldwide.

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