Our 9 Best Grovemade Deals on Desk Accessories (2024): Anniversary Sale

Grovemade makes beautiful desk accessories, from laptop stands to pen cups—many of which we tested at WIRED and featured in home office buying guide. They are typically made from wood with metal and felt accents and are crafted entirely by hand in Portland, Oregon. That also means these accessories are expensive. So we’re happy to see Grovemade celebrating Celebrate 15 years with a sale. It lasts until June 9, but a separate retirement sale offering 20% ​​off some of our favorites will drop at the end of the month.

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Best Grovemade Deals

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Wooden laptop stand with downward sloping edge

Grovemade Walnut laptop stand

Photo: Grovemade; beautiful images

This stand is made of simple, beautifully shaped wood (walnut or maple) and a leather-covered stainless steel piece to keep your laptop from sliding off. We recommend adding a separate keyboard and mouse for the most convenient setup. It supports up to 200 pounds if your PC is made of granite. Given its design and size, this is a great option for elevating your laptop to the side when paired with a external monitorbring you something good Set up two monitors. Grovemade has a similar view towards one monitor for $128 ($32 off) in case you need to raise your big screen.

A laptop stand takes up a small footprint on your desk, whether you work directly on your laptop or need to set it aside to work on a separate monitor. It’s more metal than wood but looks sophisticated and has a felt pad to rest your laptop on. It is 10.5 inches wide and fits my 13 inch Macbook. It comes in walnut, oak and maple colors. There are also black walnuts but those are not on sale.

Simple two-tier wooden shelf placed on a desk with a computer screen on top and additional accessories around it such as...

Grovemade walnut desk shelf

Photo: Grovemade

Grovemade’s desk shelf comes in four sizes, from 18.5 inches wide (small) to 58 inches wide (extra large), and includes a small compartment to hold a tablet or notebook. There’s an add-on on the desk tray that turns that into an organized drawer lined with merino wool, but it’s $144 more expensive. The $192 price tag is for the walnut model, but oak and maple are cheaper, along with plywood options and colors.

Desk mats keep your desk surface clean and scratch-free. This one has a cork bottom to keep it from sliding around. We tried the extra-large version and it covered our entire desk setup, including the second monitor, but comes in four other sizes. This linoleum pad comes in 10 beautiful colors and has leather and wool pads available. To clean it, use a damp cloth.

This one is designed specifically for the iPad Pro, but it’s made to hold most tablets at an angle of 20 degrees. You can position the tablet vertically or horizontally whether you’re working or streaming your favorite show. A hole in the back allows you to thread the charger through it.

Discount on additional accessories

Simple 2-tier wooden shelf with computer screen above and 3 wooden boxes containing paper clips, scissors and...

Photo: Grovemade

We tried some—but not all—of these accessories. They are great desk accessories.

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