Pocketpair Forms Palworld Entertainment with Sony and Aniplex

Sony Music, Aniplex and Pocketpair have formed Palworld Entertainment as one Venture. It will focus on expansion. Palworld World as an IP, including the release goods on Aniplex Online.

Hitherto, Aniplex Online Store does not contain any Palworld World goods. But they will appear over time. You can track the official Palworld World X (Twitter) account so you don’t miss out.

According to the description on the Palworld Entertainment website, Sony Music Entertainment and Aniplex will focus on expanding the IP and focusing on various licensing tasks. This could mean more collaborations in the future between Palworld World and other companies or IP.

For Palworld WorldIt is an online survival game that launched in early access in January 2024 and has seen over 5 million downloads at the end of the month. A big part of the game is also focused on capturing Pals, which you can use for various survival missions around the world. Even before it launched, Palworld World There has been some controversy, between the description animal cruelty and it Plagiarism belong to Pokemon design or assets. Despite these issues, high sales and concurrent player base made it one of the most successful PC games in recent years.

Palworld World To be available on Windows PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. It’s still in early access, and the macOS version is coming sometime in 2024.

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