Random: The “Barren” Pokémon Exhibit Is the Gaming Industry’s ‘Willy Wonka Experience’

Image: Nintendo Life

When infamous ‘Willy’s Chocolate Experience’ event went viral earlier this year, you would think that the organizers would learn from their mistakes and try to avoid similar mishaps.

Unfortunately, it seems like the video game industry now has its own ‘Willy Wonka’ expo with the ‘Pokeverse’ fan convention taking place in Mandaluyong, Manila in the Philippines. As highlighted by European gamersan attendee named BintuRita compiled his own experience of the event on social media, recounting an odyssey filled with misfortune, disappointment, and obvious incompetence on the part of the organizers.

You should check out the entire thread via the embedded content below, but in short, the event was labeled “barren” with a late opening time, a downsized floor plan, empty space, and a the rather concerned attendee was slurping ravioli sauce from a jar in his jar. bag. However, it wasn’t the worst – far from it.

According to BintuRita, the event’s camera crew were “relentless” in documenting the performance, filming cosplayers just sitting in the rest area or adjusting their costumes, along with “minors “Young people are not being cared for but their parents are receiving food.”

Not only that, a ‘Make a Wish’ segment (not featured in the official itinerary) took place on day three, in which terminally ill children were brought on stage in front of the crowd people, are equipped with little more than basic medical equipment. Mask to protect health.

When speaking with Eurogamer, BintuRita said “I wish it was more Pokémon-focused. I wish the production team was more focused on consent. And I wish they were more careful with children in the convention space”. However, she also acknowledged that her own experience may not be reflective of all attendees and that some people may have truly had an enjoyable time.

In response to BintuRita’s social media posts, the event organizers said “This is our first event with very little time to prepare but we agree that there is a lot of room for improvement.” We appreciate your participation and will continue.” [to] Take your feedback so we can do better next time.”

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